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My (now) husband and I fell in love...

and spent most of our relationship in Greenpoint and we really wanted to find a place to get married in our neighborhood. Our wedding was to take place in early April and after we toured the Box House Hotel rooftop we didn't look back and it was the best wedding planning decision I made. Everything about this place is perfect and EXACTLY what we envisioned. I couldn't recommend it more! TLDR: -The Box house is the best wedding venue find in NYC, maybe in the world. -Their events manager, Joe, is the best events manager in NYC, maybe in the world: he will be your wedding MVP- trust me. -If you want the most beautiful, stress free wedding in NYC, maybe in the world, get married at The Box House Hotel rooftop. CONCERNING THE SPACE: -The event space has the most breathtaking surround view of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. -We REALLLY wanted a rooftop wedding- but we were getting married at the beginning of April and worried about weather... BUT GUESS WHAT? The Box House rooftop can be left completely open on a beautiful day or closed in with stunning glass panels and a retractable roof at a moments notice. Weather be damned- we were going to have the perfect wedding at this space. -The decor is just to die for. Every piece of wood that has been laid or fixture that has been built is impeccably considered. There is a marble bar situated on one end of the room that is worthy of being a sculpture in a museum. It's the kind of space that is so beautiful that you could leave it as is, with no further decor, and still have a beautiful event -Throughout the room they have available rolling room dividers that are super helpful for customizing the space to your exact event needs and easily change things around throughout the evening - Everything is picture perfect! The thought that has gone into the space combined with the backdrop of the city is just magic CONCERNING JOE (and the staff): -Pardon me for a moment while I gush but Joe and his team were my wedding White Knights and I don't think I could have ACTUALLY pulled off my wedding without him. - I've heard that most venues are primarily just an empty space and you're on your own for everything else. That was NOT the case at the Box House, and let me just tell you that I don't know what I would have done without them. -Joe was so communicative from day one and always went above and beyond to put our minds at ease. Even though I was an unorganized mess, he was so patient and would ask all the right questions to keep me on track. -Any time I needed to, he would walk me through the space- even if it was just because my mom was in town and she wanted to take a look! - I can't even express how much Joe and his team went above and beyond during the actual event. The Hotel provided tables, chairs, linens, decor lighting, cozy accents, and about a hundred other little things that meant the world to me that I didn't have to think about. -Everyone was so kind to our guests. Friends and family rave to me even still about the professionalism and generosity that the Hotel Staff displayed. -After the wedding and honeymoon Joe reached out to us just to check in. He sincerely cares about every couple that gets married the the Box House and it makes all the difference This review is long overdue, but partly because it was hard to find the words to express how much I would recommend The Box House Hotel to anyone getting married. Happy planning! <3

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