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A Venue with a View & A Night To Remember

My wife (still kind of wild to say) and I were married on November 16th, 2018 - on November 15th, 2018 there was a freak snowstorm. Needless to say, it was planes, trains, and automobiles for our friends and family to get there. It was as if NYC had never seen 4 inches of snow. But the Box House Hotel crew was on it - the night before there was snow int eh venue (to protect the retractable roof it was left open) less than 12 hours later it was cleared out as if NOTHING had happened. From then on we worried and wanted for nothing. Joe and Steven were exceptional, as were the servers, kitchen staff, and bartenders. Every person had a smile on their face and wanted you to know they were there to make your day special. From the roof of the venue, you see NYC as it should be seen - it's truly breathtaking. Our food was exquisite, the setup was simple and tasteful, and our external vendors had no issues the day of and leading up to. We were not the easiest couple, we're both project managers and we project managed our wedding from engagement June 30th to the date on November 16th. But Joe was there with us the whole way, and with only a few minor blips because of staff changeover, we had the wedding we both wanted.

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